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Sponsorship measurement: Why the industry is still talking, but not doing much, about it.

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While Toronto celebrates, snow spoils the party for sponsors

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The 90s Called and They Want Their Sponsorship Strategy Back

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Relevent 2015 Conference Guidebook

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4 Factors that Leverage Sponsor Awareness

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Evaluating Broadcast in Sponsorships: Myths and Preconceptions

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6 Sponsorship Strategies that Brands can Leverage

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Sponsorship Valuation Tool - The Future of Sponsorship Valuation

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Six Reasons to Attend the Relevent Sponsorship Conference

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The best practices for renewing and ending sponsorship agreements

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How to Exit a Sponsorship

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Property Sponsorship Management Guide

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Sponsorship Lexicon and Glossary: Understanding Sponsorship Marketing Vocabulary

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How Fit will Affect the Value of a Sponsorship Proposal

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